Technology at Heart: Spotlight on Portugal

5 April 2019

The latest instalment of Orgalim’s Te...

The latest instalment of Orgalim’s Technology at Heart profiles Portugal – the Iberian nation with a proud tradition as a metal technology heavyweight. This edition details how Portuguese metal tech firms confronted by crisis in 2008 managed to find new opportunities through a twin strategy of innovation and internationalisation, becoming major players in European value chains and delivering a serious boost to their home economy.

The report profiles two leading companies: Fundiven, which specialises in high-pressure aluminium die casting technology, and Simoldes, a plastic injection moulding pioneer – both of which have become trusted partners to big-name European manufacturers, in no small part thanks to the possibilities opened up by the EU Internal Market.

Plus, we talk with Rafael Campos Pereira, CEO of AIMMAP – the Association of Portuguese Metallurgical and Mechanical Engineering Industries, and member of Orgalim – on what has made this success story possible, and how AIMMAP is helping its member companies write the next chapter.

This is the second edition of the Technology at Heart series, which presents stories showcasing how the companies Orgalim represents are shaping a future that’s good for Europe’s economy and society – and how the right policy framework can help them do even more. You can catch up with our first issue on digitalisation and 5G in Sweden here.