Technology at Heart: Spotlight on Italy

17 December 2019

For the latest edition of Technology ...

For the latest edition of Technology at Heart we take a trip to Italy, where an innovative ecosystem of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is boosting the profile of European industry on the global stage.

We find out how Italy’s SMEs turn their size to their advantage in our profile of three such small but mighty tech champions: Rovatti Pompe, Maspero Elevatori and the Fedegari Group – all global leaders in their respective fields of pumps, elevators and sterilisation solutions. We explore the secrets behind their success, how they contribute to their local communities and to Italy’s economy and society more broadly, and what role the European framework can play in helping them grow their business.

Plus, we talk with the General Directors of two of Italy’s leading industry associations – ANIE’s Maria Antonietta Portaluri (representing the electrotechnical and electronics sectors) and ANIMA’s Andrea Orlando (representing the mechanical engineering sector) – about how their organisations are supporting SMEs, and how they are working at national and EU level to shape an enabling framework for their member companies.

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This is the latest edition in our Technology at Heart series, which presents stories showcasing how the companies Orgalim represents are shaping a future that’s good for Europe’s economy and society – and how the right policy framework can help them do even more. Previous editions have zoomed in on energy efficiency in Finlanddigitalisation in the German mechanical engineering sectorinnovation and internationalisation in Portuguese metalworking firms and industry-academia collaboration in Sweden.