A day in the life of an intern at Orgalim – meet Victoria!

11 August 2022

Meet Victoria Liénard, our Policy Intern on Internal Market issues.

After completing a Master's degree in...

After completing a Master's degree in European Studies, I had the chance to join Orgalim's team as a Policy Intern on Internal Market issues. When applying for this position, I was driven by a deep interest in the EU decision-making process. Although at that time I did not have specific knowledge of Internal Market issues, the position matched the direction I wanted to take in my career path.

As soon as I arrived at the office, I was  welcomed  by the Internal Market team. They introduced me to the topic, guiding me through a comprehensive onboarding process. Since the subjects were sometimes quite technical for a newcomer, the team gave me plenty of time to familiarise myself with the new environment and the new tasks – and to learn. The team also offered me several courses, videos, and a couple of days to find out more about the future subjects to be covered. This approach allowed me to gain confidence, and to become much more autonomous in my next steps.

In my day-to-day duties, I feel both supported and free to take initiatives and bring my own ideas to the team.  I find it particularly motivating to have full ownership of my responsibilities, and the trust of my superiors. The tasks depend on the legislative agenda, as well as requests from our members or initiatives from my colleagues. As a result, I never have a dull moment! Not a single day goes by without learning more about the different policy aspects, or about the work of an advisor. This role gives me plenty of opportunities to satisfy my curious nature and, above all, to feel like a key part of the team.

Finally, I would like to add  that what I particularly appreciate in my internship is being surrounded by a very human team with a real passion for their job and a great willingness  to share their knowledge.

Thanks to this opportunity, and the very professional approach of the association when dealing with different topics, I have developed a strong enthusiasm for the profession of policy advisor (about which I still have a lot to discover!) as well as a genuine interest in Internal Market issues.