Celebrating women around the world – Rada Rodriguez

8 March 2021

As part of International Women’s Day,...

As part of International Women’s Day, celebrating the role and achievements of women around the world, Orgalim wants to shine a spotlight on the women working in our technology industries.

We sat down with Rada Rodriguez, Senior Vice President at Schneider Electric, Member of the Management Board at Schneider Electric GmbH and Orgalim President, to ask three questions about the role of women in Europe’s technology industries.

Why did you want to work in technology?

I was very lucky to have an outstanding mathematics teacher in high school, so many girls in my class went to the Technical University, defining our direction and leading to successful careers 


What is the value women bring to technology industries?

We bring a different view, and new perspectives on the same problem. In general, we are good listeners and good problem solvers. We also see the inter-human relations from a more empathetic point of view, which can help to inspire more positive energy in the team.

  We need more female role models in leadership positions, to attract young women to our sector. 

Rada Rodriguez

How would you inspire other girls and women to work in the technology industries?

Technology industries are the backbone of industry in Europe and many of the future company leaders will come from these sectors. By leading a company one has the unique chance to change things and make things better for everyone, and this is very motivating and rewarding. We need to better prepare young women for leadership positions and to show them the opportunities which come with it

Thank you Rada, we are proud to have you with us!


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