Strengthening the Internal Market – time for a ‘new deal’ for European standardisation?

Our virtual roundtable 'Strengthening the Internal Market - Time for a 'new deal' for European standardisation?', part of the 'Industrial Strategy in Focus' series, took place on 2 June. You can read about the discussions and access the recording below. Feel free to pass them along to colleagues who may be interested.


A central pillar of a successful European industrial strategy, including to restart the economic apparel after the pandemic crisis, will be an efficient Single Market, underpinned by a well-run system for the development, assessment and use of harmonised standards. These standards have an essential role to play in all segments of the technology industries for enabling the free circulation of products within the Single Market and beyond, to gain access to world markets. However, in recent years companies have been facing serious issues with the current EU governance for harmonised standards. 

Representing Europe’s technology industries, Orgalim is bringing together a select group of guests to explain this economic dimension of harmonised standards and how these relate to Union harmonisation legislation in a webinar on the 2nd of June. With the participation of some of our industry-leading voices on the topic, it will explain what has changed since the Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardisation has been implemented and the administrative hurdles that this implementation has generated for companies who are the main contributors in kind and financing to the system.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Caterina Brusasco, R&D Compliance Domain Expert, IBA (COCIR)

  • Paul Coebergh van den Braak, Chair of BusinessEurope’s Free movement of Goods; Standardisation Manager, Philips Intellectual Property & Standards 

  • Mette Peetz-Schou, Senior Chief Adviser, Danish Industries & Chair of Orgalim Technical Committee

  • Philippe Portalier, Director Better Regulation, Compliance and Standards, Orgalim


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This roundtable is part of "European industrial strategy in focus", a series of interactive debates that zoom in on policy issues central to a forward-looking industrial strategy.