Politico Sustainable Future Summit 2020

Date and location

2-3 December 2020, Brussels


Orgalim - supporting partner

Orgalim is a supporting partner of the Politico Sustainable Future 2020 Summit. 


About the event

Is  Europe’s lifestyle sustainable?  There’s a growing conviction that it’s not. One of the responses is the European Commission’s Green Deal which aims at making the Continent carbon neutral by 2050. But it’s not just about cutting carbon dioxide emissions. The Green Deal affects all economic sectors. If it is to work, all Europeans will have to use less energy, waste fewer materials and pollute much less — all of which will demand a redesign of just about every aspect of their lives, starting with the way they move. The EU is now trying to balance the immediate response to the COVID-19 outbreak with its longer-term climate priorities — but there’s no doubt that the Green Deal, one year after its launch, isn’t being forgotten. That means the way we live will be radically changed.

To debate the sustainable challenge Europe is facing, POLITICO is hosting its second Sustainable Future Summit on December 2-3 in Brussels, including a half day on sustainable mobility. 

For more information about the event, check the official website here.


For our latest views on the topic, download our Green Deal position paper here and our vision for sustainable, safe and affordable mobility here.