Policy exchange PFAS-free solutions: the challenge ahead


In January 2023, five European countries submitted to the European Chemicals Agency a wide-ranging restriction proposal on per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), to be adopted under the EU's REACH regulation. 
This proposal carries profound implications for our industries' manufacturing capabilities. While our commitment to enhancing environmental performance and safety remains resolute, the proposed restrictions pose significant challenges. With few viable alternatives to PFAS, this initiative jeopardises not only our green and digital transitions but also our industries' competitiveness.  

Mark your calendar for 15 May 2024, and join us to hear from the European Commission about the PFAS restriction proposal's status, and dive into the challenges and consequences of phasing out PFAS with industry leaders.  

Why join us? 

  • Gain firsthand insights from the European Commission on the status of the restriction proposal, their vision on PFAS-free alternatives and the support available for research 

  • Learn from Orgalim and industry experts about the impact the proposed restriction on our industries 

  • Discover tangible examples of our industries research efforts towards phasing out PFAS and the challenges they face 


Moderated by Daniel Wennick, Policy Director at Orgalim, the discussion will be joined by:   

  • Martijn Beekman, Policy Officer, DG GROW, European Commission 

  • Dr. Ulrich Hutschek, Principal, Tim Consulting on behalf of VDMA 

  • Denise Lee, Global Product Regulatory Compliance Program Manager, John Crane – a Smiths Company 

  • Kirsten Metz, Senior Manager Chemicals and Environmental Policy, ZVEI and Vice-Chair of Orgalim Chemicals Task Force 

  • Holger Sack, Head of Product Compliance & Safety, Vega on behalf of ZVEI

  • Arthur Vandenberghe, Sustainability Policy Officer, FIM and Chair of Orgalim Chemicals Task Force 

Participate in the discussion by submitting your questions in advance using the registration form. We will make every effort to address them during the session.

Please contact us at events@orgalim.eu if you have any questions.