Industrial AI and its impact on existing legislation

 Virtual event (via GoToWebinar)

2 December, 10.00 - 11.30

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The European Commission has set the development of AI as one of its priorities. At the same time, the Commission is evaluating the impact of new technologies on a range of other pieces of legislation. One such area are various Directives under the New Legislative Framework (NLF) - the Machinery Directive being a prime example. The Commission is expected to propose changes to this Directive towards the end of this year, addressing also questions around the impact of AI on its functioning. When talking about new technologies, discussions on liability are also prominent, and specifically its impact on and relationship to the Product Liability Directive.

Given these different discussions and AI being a driver of many questions, we believe it is a good moment to bring together experts on these topics and their connection to the EU’s new industrial policy. We will discuss questions such as the fundamentals of AI, its importance in an industrial context. What are the learning and decision-making techniques used in industrial AI algorithms? How does the Machinery Directive actually work and its relationship to new technologies? And what is the state of the Product Liability Directive and is it fit for purpose?

The event will be hosted by Orgalim President Rada Rodriguez and moderated by Orgalim's Policy Director, Christoph Luykx and a selected group of experts will contribute to this important discussion on the future of EU industrial policy.


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This roundtable is part of "European industrial strategy in focus", a series of interactive debates that will zoom in on policy issues central to a forward-looking industrial strategy.