Enabling the next generation of global technology leaders

Our virtual roundtable 'Enabling the next generation of global technology leaders', part of the 'Industrial Strategy in Focus' series, took place on 29 April. You can read about the discussions and access the recording below. Feel free to pass them along to colleagues who may be interested.


This is a time of transformation, for society and industry alike. Europe is seeing a pressing realisation in society that we need to put ourselves on a more sustainable path. At the same time, there is also a radical transformation of industry taking place, enabled by rapidly emerging technologies and fuelled by the imperative of the twin green and digital transitions. We are now at a true inflection point where these two transformations (societal and manufacturing) are coming together and there is a sense of urgency, a recognition that Europe needs to act. 

This recognition comes with many questions. How do we make sure we seize this moment, with the required ambition and in time? How can Europe fully unlock the scale and depth of its home market? What skills, leadership and technologies do we need to develop? These are big questions both for industry and policy makers. And the answers will define the future of our industries, of Europe’s competitive position in the world, and of our ability to lead the way towards a healthier planet. 

Join this event as some of Europe's most advanced manufacturing leaders discuss these big topics with senior policy makers and their expectations from the European Commission's updated Industrial Strategy, which is set to be published shortly after.

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr. Matthias Bölke, Vice President Strategy Industrial Automation - Schneider Electric and Chairman Industrial Digital Twin Association

- Christiane Canenbley, Deputy Head of Cabinet for European Commission Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager

- Ute Poerschke, Managing Partner, Elschukom; Member of ZVEI Board

The event will be moderated by Malte Lohan, Director General, Orgalim - Europe's Technology Industries.


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us at communications@orgalim.eu 


This roundtable is part of "European industrial strategy in focus", a series of interactive debates that will zoom in on policy issues central to a forward-looking industrial strategy