A Circular Economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition

Optimising the use of resources throughout the economy makes environmental and economic sense and contributes to climate mitigation. The co-benefits of achieving energy efficiency in a wider resource efficiency agenda should contribute to meeting the goals in a faster and cost-efficient manner. Coupled with the possibilities of digitalisation and data analysis, Circular Economy creates space for new business models and enables the optimisation of energy and resource use throughout the life cycle. It is important that concrete implementation remains open, market driven and globally connectable.

Creating the market through coherent policy objectives coupled with incentives throughout all strands of policies needs to be prioritised since retail markets do not reward for circularity today.

In this session, we will discuss which are the main challenges and opportunities to shape our economy and paving the way towards a circular economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition and the role of Europe’s technology industries in addressing them.

Speakers to be confirmed


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This roundtable is part of "European industrial strategy in focus", a series of interactive debates that will zoom in on policy issues central to a forward-looking industrial strategy.