A Circular Economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition

Our virtual roundtable 'A Circular Economy supporting Europe's Green Deal climate ambition', part of the 'Industrial Strategy in Focus' series, took place on 15 October. You can read about the discussions and access the recording and slides below. Feel free to pass them along to colleagues who may be interested.


The new Circular Economy Action Plan which is one of the main blocks of the European Green Deal will play a crucial role in achieving the Green Deal’s overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral by 2050 and can help driving an industrial renaissance for a clean planet for all.

Optimising the circular use of resources throughout the economy is a key vector for minimising environmental impacts of the EU economy. It makes environmental and economic sense and contributes to climate mitigation. The co-benefits of achieving carbon neutrality in a wider resource efficiency agenda should contribute to meeting this goal in a faster and cost-efficient manner. Coupled with the possibilities of digitalisation and data analysis, Circular Economy creates space for new business models and enables the optimisation of energy and resource use throughout the life cycle.

In this session, we will present the views of Europe's technology industries on the new Circular Economy Action Plan and discuss with the various speakers which are the main challenges and opportunities to shape our economy and pave the way towards a circular economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition.

Chair and moderator: Elinor Kruse, Director Environmental Policy at Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) and Chair of Orgalim Environmental Sustainability Working Group.

Opening remarks: Malte Lohan, Director General, Orgalim, Europe's Technology Industries

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Fulvia Raffaelli, Head of the Unit on Circular Economy & Construction, DG GROW, European Commission

  • Pernille Haagen, Advisor, Circular Economy and Materials, World Wildlife Fund for Nature

  • Karl Edsjö, Director of Resource Efficiency Policy and Recycling, Electrolux Group

  • Xavier Houot, Senior Vice President, group Chief Environment Officer, Schneider Electric

  • Naemi Denz, Director Strategic Projects, Member of the extended management board, STEINERT GmbH (magnetic + sensor sorting solutions)


If you have any questions about this event, please contact us at communications@orgalim.eu


This roundtable is part of "European industrial strategy in focus", a series of interactive debates that will zoom in on policy issues central to a forward-looking industrial strategy.