European Forum for Manufacturing (EFM)

Orgalim, Europe's Technology Industries, is a member of EFM - the European Forum for Manufacturing.

EFM is a non partisan, cross-party and pan-European platform for representatives of industry, European Parliament, European Commission, Permanent Representations of Member States and other stakeholders to exchange information and identify key issues for the industry. Its purpose is to help ensure that Europe remains a leader and benefits fully through enhanced global competitiveness, social progress and environmental responsibility. Its objectives are pursued through a continuous programme of Roundtable debates hosted in the European Parliament, focused around three broad priorities:

  • EU policy and legislative agendas as they impact on manufacturing, its technologies, markets, sectors and stakeholders

  • Partnerships with other international communities of interest in the development of research and innovation for manufacturing technologies

  • Long-term future trends for European manufacturing industry and society

The Board of EFM consists of members of the European Parliament and representatives from industry. Malte Lohan, Orgalim's Director General, is representing Orgalim in the EFM Board.


EFM Orgalim roundtableRada Rodriguez, Orgalim PresidentMalte Lohan, Jyrki KatainenEFM Orgalim RoundtableEFM Orgalim event