SI 24: Orgalim releases a new edition of its world-renowned General Conditions

20 June 2024

Orgalim has released a new edition of...

Orgalim has released a new edition of its bestseller General Conditions for the Supply and Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products. SI 24 is now available in 11 languages.

Our General Conditions are drafted by our Legal Affairs Working Group, which consists of lawyers and legal experts from Orgalim’s national member associations.

This ensures both expert knowledge of our companies’ business environment and a text that reflects different legal cultures and common international practice, providing technology companies worldwide with practical tools to support their day-to-day business. 

Building on the success of SI 14, the fourth edition of Orgalim Supply and Installation Conditions brings about clarifications and some additions without compromising on the balanced approach towards the parties’ interests.   

What is new?  

Among the updates are some terminology adaptations, a revision of the 'Contract Price' definition, a new clause on Intellectual Property and simplified payment terms. A comparison document of the changes is available.

How to order? 

Licenses to use SI 24 are available for purchase on Orgalim's licensing website, along with nine different sets of Orgalim General Conditions designed to give concrete and comprehensive solutions to support technology companies. 


Members of Orgalim's national member associations get a 50% rebate on the licence price. 

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