MI 18 – Supplementary conditions for minor installation work concerning mechanical, electrical and electronic products delivered under Orgalim S 2012

Published: June 2018
Hard copy languages: English
Electronic copy languages: English
General Conditions

The Orgalim General Conditions for Minor Installation Work, MI 18, are supplementary conditions to Orgalim S 2012.

The general field of application is therefore identical with Orgalim S 2012, namely the supply of mechanical, electrical and electronic products.

More specifically, Orgalim MI 18 are intended to be used when one company, the Supplier, delivers a Product pursuant to Orgalim S 2012 and, as an extra service, undertakes to install the Product at the Purchasers´ premises.

Orgalim MI 18 are however, as the name of the conditions indicates, only intended for minor installation work. The obligation of the Supplier should be to deliver equipment which is more or less complete. However, some minor installation work at the Purchaser’s premises may remain such as connecting the Product to existing equipment and to electrical systems, arrange for power supply, cooling, etc. Installation of a minor lathe may serve as a model example when Orgalim MI 18 (in connection with Orgalim S 2012) is a suitable set of conditions.