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In light of the current advice of the Belgian authorities regarding COVID-19, we have taken the decision to postpone this event. This is a precautionary measure, as public health considerations remain our top priority. 

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From digital transformation to the Green Deal, Europe’s technology industries will play a key role in delivering on the new Commission’s objectives in the years ahead. At the same time, industrial strategy is gaining political currency in a way not seen for years. But what are the concrete policy choices that will strengthen Europe’s industrial competitiveness while enabling the kind of innovation that will respond to the most urgent societal challenges we face?

Orgalim – Europe’s Technology Industries – is organising a set of interactive expert debates to discuss some of these vital questions: three sessions will look at EU industrial strategy from three different angles, taking concrete examples of how current debates across policy fields are shaping the future environment technology firms operate and innovate within.

Welcomed by Orgalim President Rada Rodriguez, each debate will host some of our industry leading voices on the topic and the room will be able to join the conversation on:

  • Industrial AI and its impact on existing legislation The European Commission has set the development of AI as one of its priorities. With its 100 day proposal on AI of February 19th, the Commission will provide an overview of the opportunities of AI, but also propose potential areas of attention. At the same time, the Commission is evaluating the impact of new technologies on a range of other pieces of legislation. One such area are various Directives under the New Legislative Framework (NLF). The Machinery Directive being a prime example. The Commission is expected to propose changes to this Directive towards the end of this year, addressing also questions around the impact of AI on its functioning. When talking about new technologies, discussions on liability are also prominent, and specifically its impact on and relationship to the Product Liability Directive. This roundtable brings together experts on these topics to discuss questions such as the fundamentals of AI, its importance in an industrial context. What are the learning and decision-making techniques used in industrial AI algorithms? How does the Machinery Directive actually work and its relationship to new technologies? And what is the state of the Product Liability Directive and is it fit for purpose?

  • Strengthening the Internal Market – time for a ‘new deal’ for European standardisation? A central pillar of a successful industrial strategy will be an efficient Single Market, underpinned by a well-run system for the development, assessment and use of harmonised standards – essential for enabling the free circulation of products. However, in recent years companies have been facing serious issues with the current EU governance for harmonised standards. In this roundtable, we investigate the need for a ‘new deal’ for standardisation: what can the European Commission and other stakeholders do to ensure harmonised standards remain attractive and relevant for companies operating in the Single Market? And what are the consequences of failing to act?

  • A Circular Economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition - Optimising the use of resources throughout the economy makes environmental and economic sense and contributes to climate mitigation. Creating the market through coherent policy objectives coupled with incentives throughout all strands of policies needs to be prioritised since retail markets do not reward for circularity today. In this session, we will discuss which are the main challenges and opportunities to shape our economy and paving the way towards a circular economy supporting Europe’s Green Deal climate ambition and the role of Europe’s technology industries in addressing them.


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Location: Stanhope Brussels Hotel
Rue du Commerce 9
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium